Saturday, November 8, 2008

new digital camera

I mentioned here that the little man tore up my digital camera. I have tried to fix it but the damage might be severe since it didn't get fixed. The husband then decided for us to get another camera. I wanted something cheap just in case I or the little man will "accidentally" tear it up but he wanted another Sony DSC thinking that we can just recycle the memory card and the accessories that came with our old camera. Well, we couldn't find the W-55 so we ended up buying the S-750 (I think). It is silver because I am tired of the pink. We found out when we got home that the battery differ in size, the A/V attachment did not match. The only thing we recycled was the memory card. I wanted to return it and get something really cheap but the husband said we will just keep the camera and make sure not to let the little man touch it. I will not promise but I will try, lol. I still have to get used to the features of this new camera. I will try to take pictures and see if it will come out good.

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