Wednesday, November 12, 2008

moving on?

Our lease will be up next month. Amazing how time flies. Next month we will be living in this duplex for a year. It seemed not too long ago when we moved and I had to call the husband while he was in the middle of moving our things because I told him I was afraid. Silly me who was used to living in an apartment complex got afraid with how quite it seemed the place was. It still is now but I like it better. But we have to move on. The modern wanderers are thinking of moving near the husband's work place. It is convenient, will save us money from not spending too much on gas, and should be safe if in case a hurricane comes. The downside, it will be farther from the beach but we think we can drive that far on weekends. It is not that we go everyday anyway.

We want a house this time. Not a duplex, not an apartment. A house. I hope we will get lucky and find one we can afford. We will rent of course, because even though we have a plan of owning a house in the future, now is not the right time. We learned that we have to rely not only on our wishes but also on fate. We had a cute little house in Indiana with apple and Plum trees in the yard but we had to sell it because there was no work for the husband there. How could we pay the bills? Hopefully next time around, we will find a nice house in a nice neighborhood.

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