Tuesday, November 25, 2008

maternity clothes

A few weeks ago, I made the husband drive me to the coat factory so I can buy me a big coat. I was looking for something longer, warm, light, and trendy. Yeah, I had to consider that factor considering I will be wearing it for the next few months. I found a nice pair after the husband and I almost got into an argument because he wanted me to get what he liked. But anyway, I found what I wanted and I was happy as can be. Before we went out though I had to go around the store to find something else. I chanced on the maternity clothes hanging on racks and I pointed it to the husband who told me I don't have to worry about maternity clothes since I am not pregnant. Well, he was right. But I thought I now know where to get maternity clothes. That was before I chanced bellablumaternity.com and found out their trendy maternity clothes. Now I have choices to go shop for clothes when the time comes for us to get pregnant again. I can tell it will be fairly soon. I am sure to buy a few since I don't really have much maternity clothes when I was pregnant with the little man. You see, I didn't know then which store to go. I can't very well run around stores hoping to find maternity clothes. I will keep my finds until we are ready.

Isn't this top lovely?

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iceah said...

it is i so like it you would still look good on this c: