Tuesday, November 18, 2008

looking for a solution

I talked to a friend the other night. She wanted to see me and see for herself if I really need to use diet pills since I always tell people this is what I need to get rid of my bulging tummy. It has been two years since I gave birth and here I am, instead of losing weight I am gaining it like crazy. To think I don't eat much, imo. Of course the husband thinks otherwise. But anyway, so I was forced to open my web cam so she can see me. When she did she said I looked fine, not really bloated like what I always said. She even joked that if I am the definition of fat then she doesn't know what to call herself. I fell better about the joke but still I know what I look like. I know I need to trim down. But I have to get better first. Because of not eating too much and not eating after six in the evening, my ulcer started acting up. The price to pay for not having discipline in the first place. Perhaps when I feel better I can start doing something to rectify these problems.

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