Friday, November 14, 2008

he let me drive :)

Last Sunday the husband asked me if I wanted to drive on our way to the beach to do our walk. Of course I said yes. I really want to do more driving since it has been over a year when I started practicing yet I still am not confident behind the wheel. I told the husband I will get my license before my permit expires the second time. And so he is now letting me drive more when he thinks the road is not crowded. Sundays are the best days for beginners like me. I drove all the way to the beach and it was fun. The first few minutes the husband started his speech about being careful and alert and all that. I don't blame him. My mind tends to wander and I know that is something I have to work on. I have to be more focused. He made me change lanes several times to know if I can do it right. He is a perfectionist. But anyway, so I did the driving and we got to our destination safe. He was proud of what I did that he even let me drive on our way back. He said I only need a few more hours and then we can practice parking on public parking areas. I was proud of myself too. Three years ago, just thinking of getting behind the wheel made me nervous. Now it is different. I am more confident. I just have to be careful and like the husband said be alert to step on the brakes if I have to. I have to follow him because I know he only wants me to be safe.

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Ken said...

Congratulations! Driving will give you wings!