Friday, November 7, 2008

finding new pairs

The husband and I need new prescription eyeglasses. He has been buying reading glasses from the store which I don't think is really any good since he complains about it a lot. He broke his expensive prescription eyeglasses when he accidentally dropped it over a year ago. And as stubborn as he is, he won't listen to me when I said he need new pairs. He had been burned, you know. He ordered his last prescription eyeglasses from a store where he thought he can get it cheap but as it turned out he paid more for it. So now he is making himself suffer. But not anymore. I need to have mine upgraded because it is giving me headaches and it is kinda blurry now and I will make sure he will get a new pair as well. I wonder how he will like this model I found here? This is what his old pair was like.
The image above I grabbed from the Zenni Optical website. They have really nice frames and this one looks just like the ones the husband had. I still have to look for mine. We might as well get our prescription eyeglasses at Zenni if they will give us a good deal. It is really tiring, not to mention hard on the wallet, when you pay too much for a necessity. But if one can find a cheap and quality pair then the better. I will check some more and will show him this website when he gets home. Maybe we will agree to get new pairs at Zenni so we will save some money.

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