Wednesday, November 5, 2008

eating healthy,one step at a time

The husband's bad cholesterol is up a little so he was advised by his doctor to cut off on saturated fat and cholesterol laden diet. He started last Saturday where we basically revamped the contents of our fridge, throwing away unhealthy food and replacing them with low-fat, low cholesterol food. He even had to start using wheat bread (which he claimed he didn't like, now he's changing his tune) instead of the regular white bread. I like wheat bread better than the white ones. I don't know why. It tastes good for me and it is more soft and chewy. I have always favored it even when I was in Manila. He also bought a lot of fruits which the little man and I helped eat. He is now more conscious of the things he buy at the grocery store, looking at labels first before throwing it in the cart. We used to buy ham, bacon, sausage, pork chops, chicken, and ground beef but last weekend we didn't get any of these deadly-when-not-eaten-in-moderation food. I can tell the husband has withdrawals when he complains that the food he eats right now is not as filling as a serving of sausage sandwich but he has to do this for his own sake. I now even start eating oatmeal for breakfast which I actually like since it is not heavy and I think it is better than rice anymore. I used to do it so he will not think he is in this alone but realized that it may be a start for me to lose weight as well. We also started walking every chance we get and I make it a point not to complain. I hope he will continue doing this and I hope this work. Maybe after this we will lose weight and we will look better than we do now :)

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