Monday, November 3, 2008


I called the health department to cancel our flu shot appointment for tomorrow. The reason? The little man and I are sick with the cold. He started all this and got me and the husband sick as well. Right after our trip he got fever and when it was gone, runny nose started. We blame the trip and the change of weather for it. He still has the sniffles and I am bad sick right now. Our first appointment was cancelled because the husband could not get off work to drive me and the little man to the clinic and that was when the little man had fever anyway so we stayed home instead. I decided not to make any more appointment unless we are really well so I don't have to make any more cancellations. I hope we will get over this soon. Being sick is awful if you have a toddler who is also sick to take care of. The husband worries about me and his boy when he is at work but I told him we will be fine. Perhaps we will take long naps today. We need it since we woke up very early this morning because of this irritating cold we have.

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