Sunday, November 30, 2008

busy day

We spent the whole day running from one place to the other. We went to the Flea market to buy shrimp and a few books. I thought about buying tuna but the vendor said I have to buy the whole fish. It was huge. I would have been happy if only he allowed me to buy maybe half of it. He said no so I didn't buy any. I just thought that since I always see like half of a tuna fish in his bucket he will say yes to a bargain. That was a disappointment but nothing I can't live with.

We visited the stepdaughter's new house where the husband tried to find shortcuts so we don't have to drive over thirty minutes to get there. We then went to the store to buy formula for the little man and then went to a friend's house to bring a back light to our trailer that he borrowed. And since we were already out, we went to Goose Creek to visit another friend and looked around for houses for rent. We found a few but we are not sure if the place is suitable to live in. We want a quite and safe neighborhood if we can find one. The little man played with the friend's son and I was amazed that they behaved well. Considering they are both toddlers and boys at that, they were actually good and we were proud of the little man. We then went to the Asian store but I was disappointed because it was closed. The note said they should be open by one but it was way past that and still the door was closed. Just when I was ready to raid the store, lol. We decided to go home instead where we have been since. It may be a wet Sunday here but it didn't stop us from going out and enjoying the day.

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