Wednesday, November 19, 2008

black friday sale

Thanksgiving is only about a week away. Do you know why I am excited for thanksgiving aside from the food and being with family? Black Friday sales, of course! Even if the husband told me we do not need any more clothes I cannot help but shop knowing that I can get good value for my money. I just love sales, don't you? Sears is one store we frequent when we go shop for clothes but this time with Sears Black Friday Sale we will surely buy not just clothes but other things as well. You see, I have been planning to buy a digital camera for my parents so they do not have to go to the next city to print pictures and the timing is perfect since Sears has a good deal on a Samsung 8.1 MP optical zoom digital camera for less than a $100. My camera right now costs more than that and it is just a 7 MP. Perhaps, if we have enough money I might give in to the husband and we will buy a Sharp AQUOS blu-ray Disc player. It is only $179.99 so we might be able to afford it. Of course I will make sure to buy clothes and something for the little man as well. I have to start conditioning the husband's mind about the sale so he will be ready. I have to hurry because the sale is already ongoing and the products I talked about are only good while quantities last. Perhaps when he gets home from work later. I love holidays!

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