Monday, November 10, 2008

big bike for a teenager?

Last weekend the husband was surprised to learn from his teenager son that he is going to have a bike soon. He claimed that his mother promised him he can have his stepfather's big bike since the latter bought a new one. The husband is apprehensive about it. He is always into safety and he doesn't think it is appropriate nor safe for a teenager to be driving a big bike what with hormones and all. But he said if she is willing to give the bike to their son to accept it. He just have to be careful and exercise common sense when he is on the road. That being said, the teenager is very excited to have his bike which will be brought down here by his mother and stepfather. When it will be, we didn't ask anymore. We hope the motorcycle is in good shape and that the teenager will like it. Though I don't know if he can afford to buy Harley parts if it needs it. He doesn't earn much from work and what he earns he spends on his girlfriend. I just hope kids have better grasp on responsibilities and think long term instead of short term plans. But then it is his life, his choices to make. So be it.

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