Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what happened?

Last night my stepson went out of his room and checked the router since he couldn't connect to the internet. He thought it has something to do with me transferring my laptop to the kitchen counter so the little man will not play with it. Even the husband didn't believe me at first when I said that what I did has nothing to do with not having internet connection, at all. Because my computer isn't connected in any way with the router. I am wondering myself how we still are connected to the internet since we don't have a host computer which is connected to the router all the time. Since the desktop crashed we have not connected any computer to the router but we are still connected to the world wide web anyway. Weird? Or maybe just something normal but we just don't know about? Well, I guess we are lucky to be using a router that I don't even know what the brand is. All I know is this is not a used cisco or any brand I am familiar with for that matter. But since it is working good then I am not complaining. Do you know what happened last night? The little man played with the router and turned it on and off. So when he turned it back on it took a minute before the computers are connected again.

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