Monday, October 27, 2008

we went fishing

We went fishing yesterday. The husband said that he felt like if we will go fishing he will surely catch fish so I gave in. I packed the little man's diaper bag with goodies knowing that we will not go home unless his father caught something. He dug worms hoping to use it to get Spots and made sure he had other baits just in case. Thankfully it wasn't too cold so we all had an enjoyable day. True enough, he caught three fish which he kept two to use as bait when we go fishing again next weekend. The third fish he caught was a blowfish. He was so amazed looking at it blow into a ball to protect itself. He had a kick out of that one too. You see my husband gets happy with things like fishing and walking on the beach (as long as he doesn't hear me or the little man whine, lol). Simple pleasures. And I am happy that I went with him although I didn't catch any. Maybe next time I will.

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