Thursday, October 9, 2008

serious talk

The husband and his son had a talk last night regarding the latter's problems at work. He claims that the manager talked to him and implied he might have been stealing from the motel where they work. This made him mad and mouth off to the manager that if he really is stealing and they have proof for it, they have to show it. The husband also overheard him talking to a co-worker asking questions and planning to do something to prove he didn't steal anything. This made the husband upset. He talked to his son and told him that if he really didn't steal anything to not worry about it. If they fire him then look for another job but never rat a co-worker because of stealing because it will only make things worse. He said it is not his son's job to do it. I know some of you might say my husband is wrong but I see his point. In an environment where you work with teenagers trying to hold on to their jobs, ratting somebody out might lead to some problems. Some people react differently to a given situation.

The teenager went to work last night after a serious talk and he said he will lay off it and just do his job. When he got home this morning and his father asked how was work he said everything was fine. We don't know if it really was, or the manager is harassing him still but he said he already put on his two weeks notice and decided to look for a job somewhere. He also said he will register for college. I bet the husband is happy to hear his son is planning to go to college after all. He almost has given up on this happening. Hopefully the teenager will not change his mind this time.

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