Monday, October 13, 2008

getting the box ready

We are going to send a balikbayan box to my parents in Leyte. There is nothing really expensive in it, just things we accumulated through the months that we don't need anymore. And some clothes we bought on clearance. We just want to send them things they can either keep or give to the neighbors. We arranged everything in the box last night and thankfully we only have a little space to fill out before taping it up and bringing it to the Filipino store where it will be picked up by the forwarding company we bought the box from. I didn't label anything in the box so Mamsy will have to decide who to give which when the box gets there. We actually have a deadline to bring the box to the store and that is on or before the 20th of this month so it will not get caught with the holiday traffic and should get to its destination by December. I hope some of my relatives will be happy with their respective presents from us.

We didn't have a hard time packing clothes and knick-knacks last night. The little man just looked on and didn't mess with us while we tackle the box and its contents. The husband thankfully helped and made things easier for me. He wanted to send more of his clothes and mine so I had to stop him or we will end up with only a few of our own clothes left. He gets carried away sometimes. In fact, most of the clothes in the box were his choice when we went shopping. He thinks he knows what they will like even if he has not meet most of my relatives yet, lol.

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