Tuesday, October 7, 2008

found me a good deal

We went shopping last weekend. I bought two nice shorts I can wear at home, a handbag, and a pair of sandals (as usual). The husband, the stepson, and the little man also had a lot of goodies after almost six hours in the mall. Would you believe nobody complained? Yes, that was a first, and probably the last where I got to roam around the mall without anybody telling me to hurry every five minutes. Anyways, there was a nice pair of jeans I liked but sad to say it was way too expensive for me. I didn't buy it. The husband made me go back inside the mall to get it but I was just not ready to spend too much on a pair of jeans. As it turned out, I was right not to get it at the mall since Heavenly Couture is having a sale on their denim jeans, $13.80 for a pair. Tell me that is not a good deal. Discount clothes are what I like to get. That was why we went to the mall on the first place, to avail of the sale. If I am going to pay more for a pair of jeans then that is not a good deal, is it? I will have to get these Cheap Jeans for myself. I need new ones for the coming cold months. I only have a few pairs that fits so I need new addition on my wardrobe. I have to make sure the new purchases will fit though. Also I need to get a few teen clothes for my cousins and nieces in Leyte. I want them to get something for Christmas as well.

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