Friday, October 3, 2008

bruises everywhere

I may sport a bruise on my left cheek for a day or two. The little man was unhappy earlier when I gave him a different box from what he wanted out of the closet. And to let me know he was disappointed with me he ran to me head on (I was sitting in the carpet) and his head hit my face. I felt like screaming at him but decided against it. What's the use? Right after the incident, he left the hallway closet (and the box of diapers he wanted) alone like he was never interested in it.

To make things worse, I bumped my right thigh on the bed post when I was making the bed. I have to make sure not to wear shorts when we go out or people will start to think I am a battered wife with all these bruise I have. I don't know if I am accident prone or I am just clumsy the way I always bump into something. I try hard to look where I am going which doesn't really help much.

On a lighter note, today is Friday which means the husband will be off from work tomorrow and Sunday. He promised we will go shopping for the little man's clothes and maybe get us a box from the Filipino store for the stuff we bought last weekend. We might go to the flea market as well so I can get more books and him some vegetables. Or maybe we can go bicycle riding. I just love weekends. Don't you?

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