Thursday, October 23, 2008

back from our trip

We are back from our trip. It was a fun three days being with relatives and friends. I got to meet my friends Becca and Charity and their husbands. We visited the husband's relatives, and we got to drive around. I remember what I like most about the country, the wide expanse of land and hills and the nearest neighbor being a mile away. Yet, it is only about a few minutes from the nearest city. We visited our old house which we sold to the husband's sister. Her daughter and her family are living in it now. I don't know why but the place reminds me of Christmas. Perhaps because it was cold. All I know is that I have good memory of our old place in Indiana. It reminds me of the first few months of being married and getting adjusted to everything. I actually hope that one day we will save enough to buy us a place in the country where we don't have to worry about locking our doors and where we can have our own garden and a place for the kids to play without worrying about anything. Maybe someday.

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