Wednesday, October 29, 2008

another trip?

During our trip to visit the husband's relatives, we planned about going on an international trip as well to visit my parents. It will hopefully be on next Spring if we saved enough for fare and pocket money. I am praying it will go through so the little man will get to know his Filipino relatives. I am sure they will all love him. I can't wait to see everybody and be able to eat the local dishes.

I have a big suitcase here we can use so the little man and I will have plenty of space for clothes and personal stuff. The husband will have to use his old suitcase because he is a little particular with the way his clothes are packed. We don't have any Samsonite luggage like my aunt but we are happy with what we have. As long as we get to our destination safe and sound. I really hope the plan will push through.

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