Friday, October 31, 2008

doctor's appointment

The husband called just a while ago to say he called his doctor for an appointment at noon concerning his lungs. He wants to know what is causing his discomfort so he will have an x-ray later to know if it really his lungs which is making him uncomfortable. He called so I will know in advance because if it is, he said there might be a chance he will have to stay at the hospital. He had this problem before and he doesn't want to wait until it gets worse which is a good thing. I told him we will be fine and to do what his doctor tells him to do. I pray that it is nothing serious and that he will be given the right medicine so he will get better. The cold weather really brings a lot of bad news health-wise to a lot of people. Here's hoping all of us will stay healthy all the time. Visits to the doctor are getting expensive anymore. Good thing the husband has health insurance. And if we have to pay more then it doesn't matter as long as he gets better.

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