Monday, September 29, 2008

what we need

We plan on visiting the Philippines next year if we saved enough money for tickets and pocket money. It will be my first time to visit since I got here in the US so we need to bring a lot of pasalubong (presents) for the family. Which only means we need sturdy luggage which will not betray us even before we get to our destination since the trip will be about 24 hours with four connecting flights. A Swiss Army luggage for each one of us (the husband, mine, and the little man) should do the trick, I think. We will not bring a lot of our clothes so the extra space will be for presents instead of us having to put them in boxes where we might have to pay extra charge if it goes over the required weight. Let's all hope we will save enough so we can go next year. It is high time for the little man to meet his grandparents in person.

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