Thursday, September 11, 2008

our little man

This picture was taken last weekend when we were in Myrtle Beach. We let the little man walk on the beach. Well, he decided he didn't want to walk with us. He walked by himself and tried to distance himself from us as much as possible. Like he didn't want to be associated with us.

We let him walk and had fun. He waved and said hi to people sitting in their beach chairs. Some engaged him in conversations but he just smiled and continued walking. There is, after all, so much to see. And birds to chase.

With him distancing himself from us I remembered the husband said it will get worse as the little man gets older. Wonder what it will be like with him when the time comes? For now when I ask him to kiss mama he puckers his lips and kisses me on the lips. When his father wants kisses he offers his forehead. But there are times that he wants to do things his way. Or in his own time.

I dread the day the husband said that his son will not want me to kiss him in public or shies away from being snuggled. Perhaps he will agree to a compromise?

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