Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Went to the DMV this morning to renew my Beginner Permit. Would you believe I have had my old permit for a year and still I don't have the courage to do the road test. I don't think I am good enough. The kind lady who processed my renewal application said that I can try because even if I don't pass I still will retain my permit. She thought I was afraid I will lose my permit if I fail. That was not the reason. I know how it works. It is just that I don't think I am ready yet. I haven't even tried parallel parking.

The husband asked if I am happy now that I renewed my permit and I said I will be very happy when I will get my driver's license but that I still have to wait for when he gets the time to teach me. I told him I haven't given up on him yet, lol. He is the one who teaches me the basics in driving even if it means being worried I will get us in a wreck. I try to be careful though. I have told him I can enroll on a driving class to save himself from being a nervous wreck after each practice but he said he will manage. I just hope we will spend more time on the road with me behind the wheel after this.

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