Tuesday, September 23, 2008


For people who are away from the place they grew up in, sending postcards and letters are the norm. True, there is already the internet and the mobile phones but nothing beats the old fashioned way of sending love and greetings to the people you love. It is more personal that way.

Postcards are often sent when we visit beautiful places and we want people close to our hearts to know what it looks like. But did you know you can also have custom printed postcards to send to whoever you want? It can be for personal or business use. At VistaPrint, you can either order select from their designs and personalize it to fit your taste or you can upload your own design and they will print it for you. They make quality and affordable products for your own personal or business needs.

It seems like postcards have come a long way, now it can be used for different purposes as well. Just in case you are interested you can visit VistaPrint. They have a promo right now to where you can get 50 free over-sized postcards if you will use the coupon code PC50. It may not be the right size you are looking for now but who knows you will find a use for it in the future. It is free.

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