Sunday, September 28, 2008

oh so good

I asked the husband earlier if I can fry some dried fish since I was craving to eat some with rice. Like everytime I ask him he told me I am crazy for asking his permission since he doesn't really mind the smell. And that I know for certain because he also tastes some of it. He is not like other guys who abhor the stinky smell of dried fish or any other kind of seafood, fresh or not. I make it a point to tell him everytime I do though just so he knows what I am up to. And so I satisfied myself and I am now full and content, with still a lot of fried dried fish in a plastic container on the fridge. I wonder what his teenage son's girlfriend thought about it, lol. I am sure she was shocked at the overwhelming smell of cooked dried fish when she came by earlier. It still stinks here right now but it will eventually dissipate after a few hours when it cools down. If it won't by tomorrow then I will have to do something about it.

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