Monday, September 22, 2008

no internet connection

We woke up this morning with no internet connection. Of course nobody was happy. The husband always gets online to read the news before he does anything else so he was not particularly happy when his routine got messed up.

We use a router so my stepson unhooked it then connected the cables and wires directly to the computer. Still no internet. I called our provider several times but I was told there was no available customer rep to talk to me. Great! When I finally went through I was told that we were online and I was asked if we had a router which of course I said yes. He then told me to do hook the internet direct to the computer which I did. When I told him the screen said limited or no connectivity he proceeded to do things on his end to get me online. Wait, I thought we were online?

The connectivity issue is resolved but only if the cable is hooked to the computer which means no router. How bad is that? I was even told there might be something wrong with the router we are using. To top it all off, our old reliable desktop crashed on us on Friday due to a computer worm.

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