Friday, September 19, 2008

i heart blings

For creative people, it is easy to make beads into a fine looking bling. It may end up to be a bracelet, a pair of ear rings, or a necklace. I admire women who know how to do these because I don't have any talent whatsoever. I am not the creative type. I admire pretty things that other people make but that's it. Any attempts I made only ended up with me wasting my time and money, not to mention getting frustrated along the way.

When I was still living with an aunt, she bought me blings made of freshwater pearls and gemstones. And most of the time they came in sets too. Yes, she was so thoughtful and as long as she had money, bought a lot of jewelries made of precious gemstone beads. I got lucky I didn't have to buy for anything.

When beads got more popular she even bought wholesale gemstone beads so we can make our own. That was when I realized that I will never be useful with such an endeavor. Nothing I made matched or even looked pretty. Not like those we saw on stores. I told her then that I will just stick to being a buyer than a maker, lol.

Anyway, in case you are into the business of making cute blings, you can check out Beads of Cambay for your beads supply. They are one of the top wholesale bead suppliers which offers 30% discount on a wide range of gemstone beads and freshwater pearls. You might want to look and see if they have the beads you want for your next project.

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