Sunday, September 14, 2008

field trip

On my fourth year in college our class went on a field trip. I now realized that it wasn't really for anything but the chance to go places. Pardon me but I have to be honest with that. Now I know why my father was a bit suspicious when he had to loan more than twenty grand for hotel accommodations, food, transportation, and of course, pocket money. And I went home with nothing but stories about what we did and where we went. Okay, some pictures and then maybe I did learn a little bit and saw some machinery and equipments which the school didn't have.

Our destinations were mainly manufacturing companies and while at it we also went to see some scenic spots. We had a blast! It was our first time to be in Manila and so everything we did was fun and exciting. We also went to Baguio to supposedly visit a mine but it was closed so we ended up touring the city. We posed (for a fee) with the natives, had pictures standing in front of a pony instead of riding on it because we refused to pay the fee and it is not as if they use english saddles for them to ask a hefty amount just to have pictures on top of one anyway, went boating on the lake at Burnham Park, and went to Mines View Park.

It was indeed fun. Yet it left my parents broke. Lesson learned the hard way for me. I felt bad especially when Papsy asked what I learned and what the real purpose of the trip was. But then he relented and said he was happy I had a good time. It took us a while to pay for that particular loan but we did. I guess all's well that ends well.

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