Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the day i said yes

When the husband proposed to me he didn't have a ring with him. Ours wasn't a traditional engagement anyways. He proposed first, then brought me to the jewelry store to buy me an engagement ring. We looked at different engagement rings from the cheapest (which weren't really cheap at all) to the most expensive. He wanted me to decide which ring I wanted because I will be wearing it. I chose the traditional solitaire ring with a decent-sized diamond in it. He wanted to get me the more expensive one but I said I am happy with my choice. The fact that he wanted me to be his wife was more than I could ask for.

An engagement ring is a symbol of a man's commitment to his woman. And that is all that matters. Though I don't blame men who gets custom engagement rings for their women. I have heard often enough of people saying they will get only the best for the people they love, which is sweet. And if they have the money to do it I am sure it will not be a problem. If a man knows his woman's preference in a ring, it is easier to just buy a custom made engagement ring. And he can have this made at Engage Diamond Studio where he will be assisted with his preferences along the way to produce a unique engagement ring.

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