Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bad pictures

I just got the time to really look at my permit and I was horrified at my image in it. It was awful! No wonder the kind lady from the DMV told me I can take my glasses off when I posed for the picture. It must have been her way to tell me I needed to freshen up so I will look better on my permit without me getting embarrassed.

I have had this problem ever since because I am not photogenic. Not that I am good looking anyway. It is just that even if I am not good looking if I am at least photogenic I probably would look better on pictures. Does that make sense? The picture I submitted for my passport was awful too. It was like the photographer made it a point to press the flash button just when I was uncomfortable. My social security card from PI had a picture of me looking sideways and the person who took my picture didn't even tell me about it. He could have erased it and then made me pose for another picture.

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