Sunday, August 31, 2008

the wiggles

I don't know about you but the husband has something against The Wiggles. When the little man wakes up early in the morning I turn the television on so he can watch cartoons but when The Wiggles is on the husband changes the channel. This is a normal occurrence on the D household. I asked him why he dislikes the group and he said there is something weird about four middle aged guys singing and dancing. I don't get it to be honest. I like their songs. Really catchy and makes the little man watch but his father switches it to ETV for "better" children's shows. In fact he said he'd rather he watch Spongebob which is a no for me. So we settle for Arthur and Clifford.


Anonymous said...

We joke a lot about the Wiggles too here at the house (my kids are all teens) - but, now that you mention it, the only reason is, as my 17 year old says "they are freaky". Not sure why?

BUT littles ones love them, I think that's all that matters as long as the content is good. :)

Callie Ann said...

I have watched that show with my grandson.. and to be honest they creep me out also.. Just saying their weird and creepy and stuff

poray said...
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poray said...

and i thought it is just the husband who feels that way, i am a little relieved :)

Miss Crystal said...

I have to admit, they creep me out too. My friend won't let her kids watch them because their weird her out too. As long as the kids like them though...that is their market after all.

Lalaine said...

yeah.. I found it weird too the first time I watched them but my daughter loves their show and somehow I got used to it.

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