Thursday, August 7, 2008

web hosting service

If you have blogs that you plan to maintain for as long as you want then the best way to go is to host your own blogs instead of relying on free web hosting. This is because when you have your own web hosting then that means you have the control over all your sites and you don't have to worry about your posts being deleted without your consent which is sometimes the case when you have your blogs on a free web hosted site. I have worries about some of my blogs and I am thinking of buying me my own space where I can host my blogs even if I have to pay a little more for it. My friend is hosting two of my blogs right now for free and it works good for both of us. If not for her generosity I would have problems with those blogs right now. I can't impose on her generosity forever though and in one way or another I have to make a decision. If you are like me who has worries over this topic then we should go visit the Web Hosting Geeks for our choices of web hosts for our sites. These sites are reviewed and rated to help us choose. Maybe we can even get free domain names when we sign up. It is time to start the search.

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SweetPinay said...

This is good for me dhai since I don't have any domain yet.:) I will check for this one:)