Sunday, August 17, 2008

we finally did it

We finally bought a new television set today. It took us a few hours to decide which brand to get. Both of us had terrible headaches. Good thing our son was being good and in fact enjoyed the trips we made. We settled for a thirty two inches HDTV and a laptop from BestBuy. We think it was a good buy since we were able to save a few hundred dollars on the process. Not to mention I get a newer, faster computer. I love our new television. The sound is clearer which is good since both the husband and I are hard on hearing. It has better picture so we don't have to use our eyeglasses when we want to watch shows or movies. Now I can play my son's favorite DVD in it too and let him enjoy his ABC's. And it is just about the right size for our entertainment center. I hope our son will not try to experiment on it like he did with the old set. I may have to keep a close eye on him starting tomorrow.

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