Tuesday, August 19, 2008

pretty aquariums

I have always loved to look at fishes in an aquarium. The colorful corals and tiny fishes are just so pretty and calming to look at. I have always wanted to have a big aquarium with plenty of fishes. The problem is we don't have the space for it and I am afraid our son is still on that stage where he wants to get into anything and everything. Not safe at all.

I remember when I was pregnant and we went to an aquarium store with all kinds of colorful fishes, fish tanks, supplies, kits, books and everything a person needs to know what to do and buy to set up his own aquarium at home. I was fascinated and I didn't want to go out without buying anything. I was then ready to bring home even a fish bowl but the husband said we were cramped for space living in an apartment complex. Plus his son who was living with us had a cat which wasn't really safe for the fishes. Well maybe we will get me my own aquarium at the right time when everybody will appreciate it.

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