Wednesday, August 13, 2008

playing in the rain

It is raining in the south right now. My son is in his usual spot in the window, looking outside. He may be thinking about the good times he will have should I let him play in the rain. He is too young for that so we have to stay in. When I was kid I used to play in the rain along with my brother and our cousins. We had fun and always had colds as a result of staying too long under the elements. Mamsy used to say no when we asked her if we could play in the rain and I now understand why. She has to clean up after our mess and of course we got sick every time. Papsy was our savior and only because he didn't have to deal with us when we were outside playing. When my son gets a little older I will let him play in the rain and have a good time too just like I did when I was kid. Perhaps I will join him in playing in the rain as well.

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