Tuesday, August 19, 2008

out like a light

My boy passed out on his playpen even before lunch time. He is still out but I transferred him on his bed where he will be comfortable. You might wonder why he was on the playpen. Well, he was watching his favorite disney cartoons when he started slamming his hands on the television screen. I told him not to but he won't listen. The husband advised me against yelling or shouting at his son so I didn't and to make him mind he has to stay in the playpen. That is his time-out corner. He knew he was being bad so he stayed in there playing while I did my chores. He got so quiet though so I checked on him and there he was asleep under his blankies. I might just have noticed on time because he started to sweat and he hates to be hot while sleeping. I then transferred him to his bed and I am waiting for him to wake up so I can give him his lunch. I felt guilty for putting him in the playpen but there was no other way to make him stop. This little guy really knows how to make mama feel guilty over something he did in the first place. Kids!

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