Wednesday, August 13, 2008

organization is the key

When I was in college I made it a point to put all my stuff in order. I hated clutter and in the small space that I shared with a roommate we made sure that everything was in their proper place so we will know where to look for what. I put my photocopied and loose papers in different colored folders so I knew which were for my major subjects and which were for my projects and research. File folders helped me became organized with my feasibility study with every chapter tucked in safe and in order for further reading and revision. It paid off big time too since I got one of the highest grades that our instructor gave us. Organization is the key.

When my son starts school I will make sure he will also have organized contents in his school bag. It is never too early to start getting him used to the idea. It is easier to do this so nothing will get lost and if ever it will then it is easier to look for it. The Dymo labeler will be a great help when the time comes. Perhaps I will use it in the house too because the husband can't seem to find anything even if he is staring at it in the first place. If everything has a label then I don't have to tell him where to find what he is looking for.

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