Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oh boy!

My ulcer is acting up again. I thought the medicines I took have cleared this but the way I feel right now I don't think that is the case. Having problems in my digestive system is not a laughing matter. I have to eat on time. There are food I steer clear from because I know the after effect will not be good. The food may taste great but if I have to suffer after eating it then it isn't worth it, is it? I can't take multivitamins without suffering. I have had this problem ever since I was a kid. This started out with me having splitting headache when I didn't eat on time and then follows nausea and vomiting. I am telling you it is not a pretty sight nor did I feel anything better. I usually took a pain reliever for the pain to subside. And then it got worse when I was in college. When the husband learned about my predicament he told me what medicines to take. Mostly over the counter ones. I thought it cured it but it didn't. This means we may have to buy more medicine for me to feel better. Life!


SweetPinay said...

dhai,unsa na med imu gi take? ayaw jud take og pain med. dhai basta walay sulod imu tiyan kay samot imu Ulcer ana. Basta mga muscle relaxant kosog jud na kot2x sa atu tiyan. kinahanglan eat jud usa before tumar mga pain med. Ana man sad ko dhai nag H2 blocker na gud ko before high skul pako.

poray said...

nagtake btaw ko sa pain med after ko nanganak dai nya wla ko kaon haruy mura ko naglutaw..nihigda ko paniguro ky mura ko na-high lol..
karon careful n ko oi ky lisod masakit nga naay bantayan na puya dri