Friday, August 15, 2008

monterey wedding photographer

The husband and I were married on a civil ceremony done at an Italian restaurant on a winter. We decided to have it that way because we didn't want a big wedding and he already made a promise to my parents we will have our church wedding in Leyte where my relatives are at. It was a solemn ceremony because his lawyer made sure the restaurant was ours for the duration of the wedding. My sister in law acted as the wedding photographer and she took really nice pictures of us. The husband even took one picture and had it framed to put on top of our dresser. Had we have time to prepare though then we probably would have hired a professional to do it. Not that the sister in law wasn't good but a professional has an eye on precision and angle. With a professional like a Monterey wedding photographer the husband and I probably would have a lot of pictures to show of the wedding and his sister would have enjoyed the ceremony. But as it was we got married three days after I got here so there wasn't much time. He promised we will have an elaborate wedding though. Complete with the works. And I am looking forward to it. Maybe our son will be ring bearer. I am sure he will look good on camera.

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