Wednesday, August 27, 2008

live in a farm?

I have envisioned myself living in a farm when the husband and I retire. And I mean an american farm complete with animals like dogs, horses, cattle, and maybe pigs. The husband and I will have gardens with different plants and vegetables because that is what he loves to do. It will be a different kind of life to where instead of living in the city we will be in the country buying cattle supplies and taking care of the animals. That vision was squashed a few days ago when he said he is not going to live anywhere but the south. This is one thing he loves most, to be near the beach. And as much as he loves being a farmer he said he can always have a little garden in the backyard minus the animals. Well, I am fine with that as well. I know he loves the coast anyway but sometimes my mind just wanders off and start dreaming of things that are often far from the truth, lol.

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