Tuesday, August 19, 2008

keeping myself warm

I like the warm weather. I love summer and being outdoors because it is warm and I am comfortable with it. So when I got ready to come here I made sure to bring me a travel blanket just in case the temperature on the plane will be too much for me. Did I mention I don't like the AC much? I mean if it is set to about eighty degrees it is fine but lower than that my hands and feet get ice cold. This is where my problem lies. You see I am a stay at home mom. I stay home all day to take care of my son. I could change the setting of the AC right? Well, wrong. I can't because the husband will know if the thermostat was changed. And when he gets home from work he wants the house to be comfortable. He works outdoors and on the summer the heat is awful so I try to give in to his whim of keeping the house cool even if it means I am cold all the time. The little guy takes upon his father's Welsh blood and likes it cold in here too. He gets all sweaty and his face gets red when the temperature gets over seventy degrees. What I do since it is too cold for me, I get me a nice blanket and stay in the couch all the time if I can to stay warm. But sometimes a blanket isn't enough. There are times I need instant warmth. The husband said I can wear warm clothes but I can't be running inside the house wearing sweatpants all day can I? So when I read about this Cabin Cuddler it gave me an idea. Why not buy one for myself so I will get warm during the day and not worry about getting cold? The contour cut of the blanket will keep my body warm specially my feet which usually get cold first. I can even use the blanket this winter to keep me warm (the heater don't make me feel comfortably warm) and on our trip to the Philippines next year. Why not when it has its own pillow to make me comfortable? I think I like this product. And the husband will surely get it for me just to make me stop saying 'I am cold' every few minutes.

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