Monday, August 25, 2008

it is a Y

I purchased new DVD's for my little man. We can see he responds to his Babyscapes Alphabet DVD positively so we decided to get him more educational DVD's. I am not one to buy anything online but since this is for my son I had to throw caution (or paranoia?) to the wind. I purchased Miracle Of Mozart Numbers and Shapes and Zooper Phonics from Babyscape for him. Hopefully it will get here this week. These DVD's are for two years and up and since our little guy will be two in two months then this should be good for him.

He loves his alphabet DVD and toys. This morning while I was cleaning and he was in his playpen he held the letter Y and yelled Y so I can hear him. Since he was holding the letter in the base I thought it was an X and corrected him but he insisted it was a Y. I checked and sure enough mama was wrong. What a way to get straightened out, lol. I apologized and told him he was right which earned me a big grin. He sure is smart eh? Now if he can only connect the letters and start saying words aside from the basics he learned I will be a very happy mother. Wonder how long I will have to wait.

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Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

haha. your little baby is certainly growing. Y nga naman. =)