Tuesday, August 5, 2008

is it time?

After what my son did before he took his nap today, he prepared another big surprise for mama. When I checked on him a few minutes ago I found his discarded diaper on one corner of his bed. What is this telling me? Is it time for that dreaded potty training? To be honest I already have the necessary tools to use months before but I am not ready for the physical and psychological effect this will have on me, not on him. I am afraid of the arguments and the struggles and of course the cleaning up I have to do when he is finished with his potty. I am one lousy mother I know. My son may have sensed that if he will not tell me he is more than ready then this can go on until his father tells us he will stop buying diapers so he is making a statement clear enough for his mother to comprehend. He is all wrapped up in his blankies in bed right now. I just hope he won't pee or this is going to be bad. Oh boy! I have my work cut out for me for sure this time. This day is pretty full of surprises.

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