Wednesday, August 13, 2008

grave yard shift

I worked in a food manufacturing company a few years back. Even if the pay wasn't that good I kept my job and actually liked it. It had perks after all which were eating samples and being able to mingle with a lot of different personalities in the job site. I liked the first better of course, who doesn't like food especially when it was free? We used to bring samples to the lab and ask our contacts inside to fix us something to eat so we didn't have to buy food at the cafeteria.

I liked the graveyard shift because it wasn't so busy and workers were a lot more subdued thus making the shift quieter and the production a lot more easy flowing. Unlike in the mornings where everybody had too much energy and the supervisors were around. The fact that we could eat as much as we want and were paid more than the day shift made up for the sleepless nights. And on my way home the next morning I got to buy fresh buko (young coconut) juice. The little rewards of working too hard for the future :)

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Melissa said...

I have been working the graveyard shift for many years. I agree it is quieter, and more relaxed. However I find it does things to my body. I only work two nights a week, and I just have a hard time adjusting, and boy am I grumpy, even with plenty of sleep. I just think night shift does something to a person.