Tuesday, July 8, 2008

what i like to watch

Watching filipino television series is my past time when I don't have much work to do and my boy is taking his nap. I do this so even if I am not in PI I still am updated with whatever is on tv. I regularly watch three shows right now- Dyesebel, Joaquin Bordado which is set to end this week, and Ako si Kim Sam Soon. Obvious ba maka-Kapuso ako? Lol. The last really makes my day. It is a nice almost fairytale-like story of a fat girl who was coaxed into pretending to be her employer's girlfriend to ward off his mother's plans of marrying him to a friend's daughter. Quite a plot huh? When I watch it I always laugh not because of the lead woman's antics but at the lines they use. Straight to the point and funny. It is almost impossible to believe that somebody so good looking and rich will fall for a woman who is fat and poor. It is a Filipino adaptation from a Korean series. Joaquin Bordado is intense. The good versus evil plot. Quite different from the feel good series KSS. I still like to watch it though. Dyesebel is sometimes frustrating but it is somewhat exciting. Now that is a fairytale story from comics and was later made into movies and now a series. I don't know how this shows will end but I will watch all from start to finish. And hopefully I will find good shows as replacements.

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