Tuesday, July 22, 2008

we fixed the problem

The other day our desktop computer wouldn't work. I though it might be the wireless keyboard and mouse to be blamed because the monitor was doing well. The husband thought it was the processor. Partly because the pc is old and also because our son makes it a habit to turn off the computer when nobody is using it. So he told me it might take weeks before we can fix the problem because he had to order the parts online. He wasn't giving up on his old computer, he said it just needed a little upgrade. I suggested we buy the traditional keyboard, you know with wires that we can just plug in the computer right away. It has to be cheap too since we don't really know if it will work. It was just to know if one of us was wrong. We got one on Sunday and when his son put the keyboard and mouse on the computer worked! We were so happy. We both love that computer. It is the same one he used to communicate with me, you see. And I like that computer that even if I have my own I use the old reliable pc when hubby is at work. Bubby is saved from being blamed for tearing the computer too. And the plan of upgrading is set aside for now. We will worry about it when the computer finally stops. For now, tuloy ang ligaya, lol.

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