Monday, July 7, 2008

visited MB

We went to Myrtle Beach again yesterday. It wasn't on the plan. In fact we didn't make any plans for yesterday. We went out to eat breakfast at hubby's favorite Huddle House then went home to check on his older son. And then he told me out of the blue he wants to go to MB which of course I readily said yes. As long as it is a chance to drive I will grab it. He let me drive for a while in the highway which was fun because I can feel I am really getting the hang of it. I had problems with the convertible though because it seemed like the wheels had a mind of its own. He told me it was because the car is front wheel drive so it tends to go on a different direction. It made us both decide that I will practice on the SUV again because it is rear wheel drive which is better for practice. Anyways, we just drive around MB and checked on motels, went to the boardwalk which was almost deserted in a summer month. Hubby said the place used to be so packed on the summer that you can hardly drive on the streets but I guess there aren't that many people in there because of high gas prices and other financial problems. We also went to the filipino store which still didn't have pork barbecue. Nor was there even a pack of misua. Will have to go to the pinoy store next weekend I guess. We had a good time yesterday and made it home before dark.

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