Tuesday, July 22, 2008

somebody's calling for mama

My boy is awake and is calling me from his bed. He still sleeps in his crib so he can't get out without help. He was calling dada but then I guess he realized dada is at work so now he is yelling for me. Our little boy is funny because he always calls out for his father first. He knows that dada won't say no to him while mama has a lot of restrictions and says no all the time. Whenever we get ready to go out he runs to his dad instead of to me. Sometimes I feel like this brat's loyalty is biased, lol. He is good and loving and sweet when his father is not around but when he gets home from work it is all about the two of them. Honestly I am not complaining. I love the idea that my boys are getting along. P used to get annoyed at the things and sound (like banging doors and pots) his son makes but now they are buddies and plays like kids which sometimes makes me crazy yet happy at the same time. Talk about mixed emotions, lol.

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