Thursday, July 10, 2008


When I was still in Manila I frequent the mall on weekends. Partly to get the money that my then fiance (now husband) sent me and to unwind. I love to window shop. Went to the bookstores, the boutiques, and just about anywhere I felt like going in. Of course I ate at either Jollibee or Chowking my two favorite fastfoods. When I was at the mall to window shop, I tried clothes on and if it fits I bought it. Only with my frame it was hard to get something that fits perfectly so I ended up returning the stuff in their rack. I don't know if it was the reason or maybe because I don't dress up when I went that it made most salesladies thought I was a shoplifter. They weren't very discreet about it too. Once my brother and I went inside the Levi's store because he wanted to show me a pair he liked. He was working then and was saving up just for that particular pair of jeans. One of the salesladies called a guy and told him in a loud voice to keep an eye on me and my brother. I didn't know what to feel then. I could afford a few pairs of their most expensive jeans if I want to (thanks to dada) but that wasn't the point. What made me mad was that they look at people and discriminate them just because they don't dress up? What is wrong with wearing shorts and tee's? I thought to myself, did I really look like somebody who would shoplift? Or was it the fact that I wasn't wearing make up and fancy clothes? My brother felt insulted and joked to me that he was going to slap the girl with the roll of money he had in his pocket. I just told him for us to go. What is the use if staying? I will never buy anything from somebody who insults people by their looks. I never went to that store again. My brother bought a few pairs of Levi's jeans but on another store.

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