Monday, July 7, 2008

perks of living in the south

Living in the south has its perks. I can go to the beach anytime I want. Or anytime hubby is available because I don't drive yet. There are a lot of asians here so it only follows that there are a lot of asian stores and chinese buffet. Also shrimp and other seafood here is fresh. I haven't bought any frozen seafood since we moved down here. There is a huge flea market near where we live which luckily has filipino vendors so I get to buy vegetables that pinoys normally eat. And it doesn't snow. Sure I miss the feeling and smell when it snows but I don't miss being coped up in the house and the unwillingness to go outside the cold. It still gets cold here but not as much as it is up in the midwest. I can go on and on with lists. The best thing though is that I am with people I love, my husband and son.

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